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Forgotten Class: Tash and Zak Arranda

I believe Anakin Skywalker said it best in Episode III "This is where the fun begins" Because these next two Jedi, I LOVE talking about!

Straight from the Galaxy of Fear series by John Whitman, Tash and Zak Arranda were the main characters who accompanied the Uncle Hoole around the galaxy, explore the weird and sinister edges of the galaxy.

There stories mimic old Goosebumps novels (which were popular back in the day) but the incredible amount of connections to the rest of the EU Whitman made during his run, make this series highly enjoyable!

Tash was always mentioned in the novels as containing power in the Force. She briefly met Yoda on Dagobah who confirmed her suspicions as well. Therefore it was destined she would one day attend the academy.

Though he didn't display any Force abilities in the series, being related the Tash made him a candidate for Luke's academy as well when he got older. It's explained in the Expanded Universe, that Hoole was extremely protective of the children and waited until they were older before allowing them to attend Luke's school.

It makes sense to me it was shortly after the first class had graduated and moved on, so it's quite possible they came around the same time the second class of students started to arrive.

Nothing is mentioned of them afterwards but I'd like to think they were around for all the major events such as the Vong invasion, though we just never got to see or hear of their exploits during said events. It's too bad too, I think they're interesting characters and would've love to have seen what they would grow up to become as they grew older.

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