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Fourth Wave of the Essential legends Collection revealed!

The website edelweiss (on the link search by publication date and go to page 5 to find them) has recently updated revealing the books that will be part of wave four of the Essential Legends Collections. edelwiess is the same website that revealed Wave 3's release that we previously covered, as well as waves 1 and 2.

This includes only three novels this time. Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber, Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter by Michael Reaves (which is listed as just Shadow Hunter) and continues the X-Wing series with the third book in the series, The Krytos Trap by Michael Stackpole.

This is also the first wave with two books that previously have not had an unabridged audiobook release. These being Shadow Hunter and The Krytos Trap. However it has yet to be announced if one, both, or neither of them are receiving unabridged audiobooks. All of these will be released on the 2nd of August 2022 according to the site.


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