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  • Dylan Kling

Halfway there! Hasbro Vote Poll Watch Day 8

Hello, we're back with Day 8 of the Hasbro poll which officially marks the halfway point in voting. As a refresher Hasbro has brought back the Fan Poll for a new figure and there are two EU figures in the mix. I have taken it upon myself to keep track of the vote totals, as they are only through comments and hashtags, and am giving a day by day update and analysis on how the poll is going. I’ll start with a brief recap of day 7 before getting to yesterday’s action.

Day 7

Day 7 saw the first change in the standings since I started keeping track, with the Weequay finally securing the third spot but by a very close margin. It did so while gaining a 0.23% increase in vote share with everyone (except Ahsoka) losing some vote share, however unlike day 6 only the Republic Trooper got more than double the new votes of the Weequay, with Starkiller only receiving 27% more votes that the Weequay. Republic Trooper and Starkiller had the highest new vote totals still.

Despite losing vote share this was a strong performance for Starkiller and the Republic Trooper as, if the others are going to catch up they need to be taking 1.5-3% of the vote share per day with how much time Is left. Basically, every day Weequay or Ahsoka doesn’t out vote either of the EU figures gets us one step closer to victory.

Day 8

Day 8 saw another record low in voting numbers, just barely surpassing 200 votes. Weequay outvoted Ahsoka to extend the lead for third place while also picking up 0.17% vote share overall and closed the gap with Starkiller by 0.33% vote share. Starkiller and Republic Trooper did gain the most votes holding off the rest of the pack which is good but there is something Trooper Fans should be concerned about.

This is a screenshot of the sheet I use to track votes. This picture is of the votes from the last 3 days. Each highlighted color represents one of the places you can vote and light blue is the votes on the Hasbro Pulse Facebook Page main post. As you can see Republic Trooper on the 14th and 15th out paced everyone else in votes, and that trend holds true for all previous days. However, yesterday it fell to below the Starkiller votes and was barely ahead of Ahsoka and Weequay. Voting totals may be down overall but this shows that Republic Trooper fans have seemed to drop off the most. This is very concerning as while the Republic Trooper does have a considerable lead, it isn't insurmountable, especially if this trend continues.


Once again everyone saw a dip in their projection lines, and as stated before the hardest hit was the Republic Trooper due to the low vote count on the main Facebook post. Instagram voters did help Republic Trooper get more votes than anyone else as usual, but the lack of votes from Facebook has had an effect. Weequay also continued showing that it was going to stay ahead of Ahsoka and is gaining on Starkiller, though time is running out on it. It is going to need more support, and more slow voting days from those up top. But if this continues we'll have a lot more competitive final few days than I previously thought.

You can vote at either of the following links but only once per day per account

Just comment


If you have already been voting for Republic Trooper then I encourage you to keep doing so as the low turnout yesterday could spell bad news for it as we head down the final stretch. If you haven't been voting then I'd say vote for either Starkiller or Republic Trooper as they could both use the help right now. I’ll be back tomorrow with the results and breakdown for Day 9 hopefully our EU candidates can have a stronger performance over the weekend.

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