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  • Dylan Kling

Hasbro Poll Watch Day 13

Hello, we're back with day 13 of the Hasbro poll. As a refresher Hasbro has brought back the Fan Poll for a new figure and there are two EU figures in the mix. I have taken it upon myself to keep track of the vote totals, as they are only through comments and hashtags, and am giving a day by day update and analysis on how the poll is going. I’ll start as always with a brief recap the previous day, day 12, before getting to yesterday’s action.

Day 12

Voting totals were down again but didn't hit tournament lows. Weequay saw their first loss in vote share since I started keeping track as they were outvoted by Ahsoka in the battle for third place. Though still Ahsoka wasn't able to close the gap all the way. Republic trooper and Starkiller did well though a majority of the drop in votes came from Republic Trooper voters not showing up as though it still had the highest daily vote total it was far lower than yesterdays.

Day 13

Votes were up again to the 300 mark which is roughly half of what we saw during peak voting last week. Trooper and Starkiller came away with the most votes again with Ahsoka cutting the lead to third place to only 6. Weequay and Ahsoka picked up vote share again though only in fractions of percentages. With just two days to go Republic trooper holds on to it's lead. It'll take over 900 votes a day for Ahsoka or Weequay to catch it, and about 450 votes a day for either of them to pass Starkiller.


With 6 straight days of low vote totals the projections haven't changed much. Weequay and Ahsoka have been going back and forth for the past week or so in what has become the only tight race so far, though with two days of Ahsoka outvoting Weequay and the lead reaching single digits I think Ahsoka may take the third spot. Aside from that there isn't really much to predict.

Unless in the final 48 hours a huge surge of new voters come in the result will be a comfortable victory for the EU. But don't get comfortable because I suspect now that we are in the final days people will be paying more attention to the poll and may try to get one last rally in. So keep voting because we're not out of the woods yet, and even if there is no surge securing an even stronger victory for the EU won't hurt either.

You can vote at either of the following links but only once per day per account

Just comment


I'll be back tomorrow with another update so keep voting!

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