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  • Dylan Kling

Hasbro Vote Poll Watch Day 10

Hello, we're back with day 10 of the Hasbro poll. As a refresher Hasbro has brought back the Fan Poll for a new figure and there are two EU figures in the mix. I have taken it upon myself to keep track of the vote totals, as they are only through comments and hashtags, and am giving a day by day update and analysis on how the poll is going. I’ll start as always with a brief recap the previous day, day 9, before getting to yesterday’s action.

Day 9

Day 9 saw the Republic Trooper fans rally with much better numbers, while Starkiller fell to 4th in new votes. Weequay was outvoted by Ahsoka by one and only managed to pick up 0.04% vote share while closing the gap with Starkiller by 0.51%. Trooper and Ahsoka also picked up vote share with the Imperial Tank driver losing some of theirs. Overall vote numbers were once again low but exactly the same as Day 8, meaning the only changes came from who's fans showed up to vote.

Day 10

Day 10 was more of the same with another all time low in vote totals. Trooper came away with the most with Starkiller taking one more than Ahsoka and Weequay staying close. One thing I haven't really been mentioning is the Imperial Tank Driver totals as they have been historically very low and outside of a miracle they have no chance of winning it all. But today saw the first time anyone only received one new vote, and the third day in a row the Tank Driver's new vote totals halved.

Vote share wise Starkiller and Tank Driver lost a bit while Weequay and Ahsoka gained some. Though as usual they are in the fractions of percentages and both are still over 800 votes from second and 1600 from first.


For the forth day in a row low vote totals lead to a drop in everyone's vote projections, though the actual vote count line seems to be now going at a more predictable and constant rate. Weather it is from fatigue, lack of interest, or people giving up vote totals are continuing to fall and if that trend continues then I don't see any of these positions changing aside from the fight for third place as the vote difference there is still in the single digits.

However I hesitate to call the race at this point as any surge from voters from any of the candidates could still carry the day with how low everyone else's vote numbers are right now. There are still five day left and if say Ahsoka or Weequay voters were able to double the daily vote totals over this weekend with their supporters, either would pass Starkiller and threaten the Trooper for #1. And remember in 2016 Jaina was still in third place with five days to go.

So in short things are looking good but we are far from out of the woods yet. Keep voting and let's close this poll out strong and stop any comeback before it happens.

You can vote at either of the following links but only once per day per account



Just comment

#StarWarsVoteFromTheVault #Starkiller to vote Starkiller


#StarWarsVoteFromTheVault #RepublicTrooper to vote Republic Trooper

I'll be back tomorrow with another update so keep voting!

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