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Hasbro Vote Poll Watch Day 9

Hello, we're back with Day 9 of the Hasbro poll. As a refresher Hasbro has brought back the Fan Poll for a new figure and there are two EU figures in the mix. I have taken it upon myself to keep track of the vote totals, as they are only through comments and hashtags, and am giving a day by day update and analysis on how the poll is going. I’ll start as always with a brief recap the previous day, day 8, before getting to yesterday’s action.

Day 8

Day 8 saw another record low in voting numbers, just barely surpassing 200 votes. Weequay outvoted Ahsoka to extend the lead for third place while also picking up 0.17% vote share overall and closed the gap with Starkiller by 0.33% vote share. Starkiller and Republic Trooper did gain the most votes holding off the rest of the pack which is good but the Trooper was out voted by Starkiller, and nearly outvoted by Ahsoka and the Weequay. Had the Instagram votes not been as high as they were it could have had the second lowest vote total of the day.

Day 9

Day 9 saw the Republic Trooper fans rally with much better numbers, while Starkiller fell to 4th in new votes. Weequay was outvoted by Ahsoka by one and only managed to pick up 0.04% vote share while closing the gap with Starkiller by 0.51%. Trooper and Ahsoka also picked up vote share with the Imperial Tank driver losing some of theirs. Overall vote numbers were once again low but exactly the same as Day 8, meaning the only changes came from who's fans showed up to vote.


For the third day in a row low vote totals lead to a drop in everyone's vote projections. Despite low vote totals and rallies by Weequay and Ahsoka the deficit they face hasn't actually decreased that much. With 6 days left they will need to do more than outvoting the EU characters by single digit numbers each day. However, the lack in vote numbers in the past couple days seems to have effected the EU characters more than anyone else. A major push of new voters from either Weequay or Ahsoka down the stretch could easily put the EU leaders in jeopardy if voter turnout for them continues to wane.

You can vote at either of the following links but only once per day per account

Just comment


I won't give recommendations on which of the two to vote for if you haven't been voting as they both could use your vote. Though as always if you have been voting you should continue to vote for who you have been voting for on previous days. We're in the home stretch with just 6 days to go. I'll be back tomorrow with another update so keep voting!

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