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Have you seen this Alien?

Ah 3PO's. The Star Wars cereal that wasn't really that good but you bought it anyway because it said "Star Wars" on the box. AND gave you a cardboard mask of Luke Skywalker or C-3PO that you could cut out of the back, wear for a few hours, until it tore and was quickly thrown away.

For those of you who missed those days, don't worry. Tons of cereals over the years have brought the same disappointment to children over the decades.

But the real interesting thing in this commercial is the alien shown in it.

The species was never given a name and all we know about it was that it was an unused character from the cantina scene that they repurposed for this commercial. (we also know that it like 3PO's)

This oddly puts it into the Expanded Universe in a way, though its never mentioned again. And I for one am surprised by this.

The authors who wrote for the EU were smart. They put in random things all the time into their stories. Toy lines, Christmas Specials and other inside jokes from random cartoons and EU material exist within it.

So why didn't anyone think to give this species a name? Most likely because they didn't even remember him being in the commercial in the first place. But I for one would've love to have learned more about him.

But until someone writes an official "Legends" story about it (which I doubt) it'll remain a mystery forever.

(There is a book "The Creatures that George Lucas Created" that give a few details about the alien but not a name)



Jefferson R. Weekley
Jefferson R. Weekley
Feb 11, 2021

Ha! I remember when this aired! I had completely forgotten about it.


Feb 10, 2021

I really like the design of this guy, I will definitely be putting him in one of my fanfictions.

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