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Heart of the Jedi bounces back on Amazon best sellers lists

Today marks 1 week since we first reported on the existence of an Amazon listing for the once lost Heart of the Jedi at cost. Yesterday however the description was updated with the following,

Now I think I have been pretty clear about this in my previous analysis but if not when I have pointed out sales numbers I am simply using an estimate based on another website's calculator. And the rankings as they mention are based on sales per hour, which in my experience only updates every 3 hours. So when I have said that this book was at one point out selling other Star Wars books it wasn't that those were overall sales, just sales within that 3 hour window that I got the screenshot of the data. Christopher Nelson actually did a great video responding to this if you want to check it out.

But as for the rankings numbers themselves we actually have two days worth of updates as I couldn't get an article out yesterday.

There unfortunately wasn't a lot to talk about as early in the day into the afternoon the rankings for it continued to drop eventually leading to Heart of the Jedi falling off of the top 100 books completely and bottoming out at 170th. Then EckhartsLadder released a video about the situation and my analysis (thanks for the shoutout) and the numbers started to recover.

It hasn't reached its previous peak of 26 on the Best Selling Books List but it is still a notable increase in the rankings. This latest push has also put it at 4th on the Science Fiction Adventures list where it is once again behind only Project Hail Mary in the category, and ahead of all other Star Wars books.

More impressively is that once again held onto this position at the top of the Science Fiction Adventures for 12 hours, the same amount of time it held its previous record high on the list of 3rd. This was partially due to the May the 4th sale ending and the kindle edition of Light of the Jedi being set back to the original price.

But where you can see this increase the most is by just looking at the past 24 hours.

This is a graph of the 3 main Science Fiction lists and the Overall Books List. In all cases it has steadily rose back up to about the previous highs a few days ago which is very promising. Though it hasn't reached those previous highs yet and seems to once again be on the downswing, as both the Science Fiction Fantasy list and Overall list have seen Heart of the Jedi drop by a few ranks in the past few hours.

The graph that shows this the best however is my estimates of the hourly sales, which is done by taking the BSR or overall book ranking and plugging them into TCK publishing's calculator. Again these are only estimates, but you can see the drop in sales after the main peak, then a second but not as high peak appear late yesterday that is now starting to dip again. Though still this peak has caused an increase in sales and by my estimates it is very likely that over 3000 copies of Heart of the Jedi have been sold since Friday.

Finally a look at the Google Trends data where the 7 day now shows the activity since we started covering this to now. you can see the previous two peaks that contributed to the first wave, then the second spike responsible for this more recent wave.

If this last downtick is just temporary or if the current spike has ended time will tell, but I'll still keep an eye on these. I said this last night but I'll keep updating the numbers as long as it is still up, and it is still either in the top 100 Science Fiction Adventures list or top 10000 on the overall books list.

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Michael Lynch
Michael Lynch
08 may 2021

I'm looking forward to another update today! If I'm understanding it right, it looks like THOJ has stayed in the top 10 of science fiction best sellers and at #4 in science fiction adventure (actually, the number 2 TITLE) for a good 24 hours!

Me gusta
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