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  • Dylan Kling

Heart of the Jedi hits #6 on Amazon's best sellers list for science fiction adventures

In my previous coverage of the Amazon rankings for Heart of the Jedi I have been going over how well the once cancelled EU book from the 90s was doing on Amazon's charts. Well tonight it did something that I didn't think was possible when I first started tracking the numbers on Friday. It has hit 6th place on the science fiction adventures list, 15th on the overall science fiction list, and across the millions of books available on Amazon is the 88th best selling, cracking the top 100 books list for the first time.

The only things ahead of it on the science fiction adventures list is the audiobook to the sequel to Ready Player One that came out late last year. The Audiobook of Thrawn Ascendency Greater Good, that came out on the 27th of April, and Project Hail Mary, a book that comes out tomorrow that has had its hardcover, ebook, and audiobook all in the top 3 since I started keeping track.

With this let's look at the charts. As always the screenshots have been archived on the Wayback Machine that I update every few hours as Amazon updates the numbers that are publicly available.

As you can see, on the SFA list it is continuing on an upward trend and hasn't fallen out of the top 25 since Saturday

On the overall list, it made a giant leap of over 300 places. Unlike the SFA list that was a bit more fickle, on the overall list, it had been keeping a fairly consistent ranking until this latest spike.

Using the Amazon BSR calculator from TCK publishing we can use the overall rankings in books to figure out how many books per hour it is averaging at each of the data points.

With this last spike, sales for it per hour have nearly tripled. With this and assuming that the calculator's results are correct I estimate that the number of copies of Heart of the Jedi sold since Friday to be nearly 800! If for some reason you haven't bought it yet you should because at these numbers I don't see this lasting much longer.

UPDATE: As of May 4th at 1:45 AM EST, Heart of the Jedi hit #3 on Amazon's Science Fiction Adventures best sellers list to become the highest ranked Star Wars book. It is 35th overall

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