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  • Matt Wilkins

In Memory of Tim

A few months ago a good friend of mine past away and due to my lack of social media I didn't know about it until trying to reach out to him in March for a podcast.

Tim was one of the first people to find me on YouTube when I was talking about the EU. He invited me on his podcast "Mynock's Nest" that eventually became mine as well.

His first book within the EU he read was "Millennium Falcon" by James Luceno. I found it a strange way to start but as he told me, it was his favorite ship and when he saw a book with the title on it he had to read it.

While reading he could tell he was missing something that happened before but said overall he didn't feel lost but more intrigued with the EU and decided to buy more. It astounded me to hear someone who DIDN'T start with Timothy Zahn's Thrawn Trilogy would be interested in the EU. Only later would I discover hundreds of others who share similar stories with Tim.

We spoke on the phone several times and shared many laughs. After the birth of my first twins my time became limited and we only spoke once or twice a year. For my 6K celebration on YouTube I wanted him to be one of my guest since he was one of the first to subscribe to my channel. Scheduling issues happened and I told him I catch up with him after the birth of my newest twins and we'd schedule something then.

That time never came and I regret it.

Not sure how well he was known in EU circles since he rarely posted comments but I wish more people would've gotten to know him as I did.

He was one of the many people I' grateful to have known through our mutual love of the EU and he will be missed.

RIP my friend.

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