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May the 4th be with the EU

Here we are again. Another year where I got several texts (and memes) saying the same tired phrase over and over again from casual Star Wars fans.

But as fans of the Expanded Universe, let's make it count for something else. If you're a fan of the EU, celebrate it in your own way. By rereading a novel, a comic, hosting a live stream or introducing one of those casual fans to the part of the franchise you appreciate the most.

If I had the time today, I'd be live streaming a viewing of all 6th films, giving EU commentary the whole way through! But alas, with 4 kids ages four and under, I'll probably end up only reading a novel for an hour or two before bed. But even that's a celebration in its own merit.

Maybe next year we make this holiday the focal point to make request online, through email and other forms of social media, that we want more Legends!

Let's take this "holiday". Let's own it. And let's remind Lucasfilm about the greatest fanbase they've ever forgotten.

May the 4th be with you all.

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