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  • Brian Borg

New Expanded Universe character soundtrack released!

Hello everyone,

Just a quick article today as Star Wars: The Old Republic's most recent content patch, 6.3 has brought us a new piece of music for one of the central characters in the new story, Aryn Leneer.

For those who are unfamiliar with the character, Aryn Leneer is a one-time Jedi who fought with the infamous Darth Malgus after the sith lord killed her master, Ven Zallow, during the Sacking of Coruscant.

For those who wish to see that event, it was visualized in the original Deceived Cinematic for the game, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Aryn Leneer is a character we only have seen a limited amount of times in the Expanded Universe, first appearing Star Wars: The Old Republic: Deceived and later only being mentioned in a codex entry within the Massive Multiplayer Online game itself.

Until now!

Aryn's being brought forward as a central figure to combat the return of Darth Malgus was an exciting moment for fans of The Old Republic era who know their lore. I personally look forward to seeing where her story goes from here!

For now, I leave you with a link to Swtorista, a huge fan of the game who has posted a clip of the music from the game and a few scenes in which Aryn shows up! (Minor spoilers for those who have not played the new content yet!)

Be sure to give Swtorista a like and subscription, particularly if you are a fan of the game!



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