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Obscure Characters of the Galaxy: Slayke

The planet Praesitlyn was under siege. Thousands of Separatist Battle Droids stormed the desert plains, and the Intergalactic Communications Center was at risk. With the Separatists blocking all transmissions, the Republic would not be notified of the attack leaving the local forces to fend for themselves. As their forces were depleted, it looked like the Confederacy would win the battle. Then suddenly a fleet appeared and began fighting off the attacking droids. The fleet was that of the Sons and Daughters of Freedom and their leader, Zozridor Slayke. Today we'll be looking at the life and achievements of this valiant militia leader, and his efforts to keep the galaxy safe!

Slayke would originally be a member of the Republic Judicial Forces and would be assigned to provide basic law enforcement throughout the Republic. As the Separatist Movement grew, Slayke would be angered by the Republic's reluctance to stop their growing armies.

He would then take it upon himself to take care of the Confederacy, and form a fleet with his ship, Scarlet Thranta leading the force. The Judicial Department would deploy their forces to stop the renegade Slayke, and Jedi Knight Nejaa Halcyon would be in charge.

Unfortunately for the Jedi, Slayke would manage to steal Halcyon's commanding ship leaving the Jedi humiliated and defeated. Chancellor Palpatine would soon pardon Slayke, seeing him as no threat to the Republic.

By the start of the Clone Wars, his militia would be known as the Sons and Daughters of Freedom, and he was bent on defeating evil wherever the Republic was absent from. Early in the war, a Separatist fleet led by Muun leader Pors Tonith would strike the planet Praesitlyn, hoping to take over the Intergalactic Communications Center located there. With transmissions being jammed, the local security force was forced to fight alone, without the aid of the Republic's clone troopers. Just as the Separatist forces began to win, Slayke would arrive just in time to save the day. His forces would also send a message to the Republic alerting them to the attack as they took down the communication disruptors. Slayke would fight alongside his soldiers down on the brutal battle field until Republic forces arrived led by Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker, alongside Slayke's rival, General Halcyon. The three of them would find it difficult to work together, but as the battle went on they all became impressed by each other's leadership and Slayke and Halcyon were able to make amends.

They were able to win the battle and save the planet Praesitlyn from falling into Separatist hands. Slayke's army, the Sons and Daughters of Freedom would go down in history, even being recalled by many during the height of the Galactic Empire. Slayke is one of those EU characters that helps flesh out seemingly insignificant references that span several decades of Star Wars history, exploring the universe in ways only the Star Wars Expanded Universe can do! If you want to know more, Slayke and his crew can be read about in the gritty war novel Jedi Trial where they valiantly fight alongside the Republic.



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