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Obscure Heroes and Villains of the Galaxy- Rokur Gepta

When we think of dark side warriors of the EU we often think of ones like Asajj Ventress, Jerec the Inquisitor, and others. In today's article, however, we'll be focusing on one not as well known, one of the fearsome Sorcerers of Tund, Rokur Gepta!

Rokur Gepta was born a croke, a species of small fist sized creatures capable of altering their appearance to fool others. Gepta would spend much of his life disguised as a human in his sorcerer robes, only revealing his true form before his death. Sometime around 5 BBY Gepta would travel to the planet Tund and join the Dark Side cult located there. After learning much about the Dark Side he would destroy the order and was soon found by Palpatine. The Sith Lord, wanting to study Gepta's dark side ways, would allow the sorcerer to live, and even gave him an old Republic cruiser and the ability to command an Imperial fleet.

The next year Gepta would travel to the Centrality, an outback region of the Galaxy, to search for the powerful Mindharp on the planet Rafa. The Mindharp, when activated, would reawaken the ancient Sharu from under their plastic pyramids. Gepta would work with Rafa's governor to find the artifact but ultimately fail. Luckily for him though, Lando Calrissian happened to be on the planet picking up his new droid Vuffi Raa. Lando was captured and forced by the Governor and Gepta to find the Mindharp, which he soon did. The Sorcerer's plan would fail though, as the governor would activate the Mindharp himself, awakening the Sharu and destroying human civilization on Rafa. Gepta, Lando and Vuffi would escape, but Gepta would seek revenge on the gambler, blaming him for the events that unfolded.

The next year after the Battle of Nar Shaddaa, Lando and Vuffi would return to the Centrality planning to strike it rich gambling on the Oseon Asteroid Belt. They would arrive at the perfect time in the year to witness the annual Flamewind, when solar flares from the Oseon sun created a spectacular stellar show around the asteroids. Rokur Gepta would use this as the perfect time to enact his revenge on Calrissian and set up an elaborate trap for him on the asteroids. Gepta would pose as the industrialist, billionaire drug addict Bohhuah Mutdah and trick Lando into a fake drug smuggling run, ultimately trapping Lando on an asteroid. Luckily for Lando, however, a group of rogue Rentasian starfighters appeared in an effort to capture one of their longtime enemies, Vuffi Raa. The starfighters subversion allowed Lando and Vuffi to escape Gepta's wrath, which infuriated the sorcerer even more. Gepta would then team up with the Rentasian pilots to help defeat their enemies, and Gepta would prepare for his final move against Calrissian.

Some months later Gepta would locate Lando helping the Oswaft of the Thonboka star cave from an Imperial attack. Gepta would arrive to halt the battle between the Imperial fleet and the giant stingray like creatures that were the Oswaft. The sorcerer would send out a message to Lando, demanding a one on one fight in the vacuum of space. Lando agreed and the two started dueling it out, the Oswaft and the Imperials all watching. Lando would fire at Gepta, injuring the sorcerer and returning him to his natural Croke form. Lando would then proceed to grab the creature and squish him in his fist, killing off his obsessive rival.

Rokur Gepta's story is one of relentlessness and revenge in a way not seen too often.

Despite Rokur Gepta being the main villain of the Lando Calrissian Adventures by L. Neil Smith, he isn't thought of much. Gepta is a fantastic villain, with an interesting backstory and a unique look. He really goes to show the endless possibilities within the Expanded Universe, and that there was always room for fascinating characters and stories.



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