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  • Rich Hardy

Obscure Heroes and Villains of the Galaxy: Vors Voorhorian

We all know the X-Wing. It's the most iconic and well known Starfighter in all of Star Wars and for good reason. It's angular and fast looking, and when it's S-foil wings split into that all famous X, you know it means business. As we all know, the X-Wing was brought to life and designed by concept artist Ralph McQuarrie, and while we know he is the real-world designer of the craft, many don't know the in-universe designer. In this article we'll be looking at Vors Voorhorian, the Incom designer responsible for bringing us the X-Wing!

Vors was an Incom designer who was tasked with developing a new type of Starfighter for the Empire. Vors would use the Z-95 Headhunter as the base model with elements incorporated from the Old Republic's ARC-170 to make the X-Wing a well rounded snubfighter. Soon though, many workers and engineers from the Incom Corporation would defect from the Empire keeping the X-Wing plans out of their hands. The plans would then be captured by the Rebel Alliance and many X-Wings would be produced to fight the Empire.

Vors Voorhorian would later go into hiding on a remote planet and set up a secret factory to produce more X-Wings if the Rebellion needed it. In the months following the Battle of Yavin, Leia would begin to search for Vors in hopes of acquiring new X-Wings to replace the ones they had lost prior. She would soon receive contact from him and went with Han, Chewie, Luke and Artoo aboard the Millennium Falcon to meet him.

The Falcon would arrive at its destination and the heroes would meet an old man named "Gears" Gilhooey. Unknown to them however, was that Gilhooey was actually Vors in disguise. Han would start a fight with the man believing him to have done something with Vors but stopped his attack when Voorhorian revealed himself. Afterwards, Vors would bring the heroes into the hangar which housed his X-Wing squadron, but Artoo would discover the ships were hollow. Vors would reveal that the real X-Wings were hidden in a freighter in space and that the hangar was decoy, another trick by the engineer to keep the starfighters safe. As the heroes prepared to retrieve their new ships, a group of TIE Fighters would attack. Voorhorian would help the heroes defend the X-Wings and get them back to the Rebels on Yavin IV.

The X-Wings acquired from Vors would participate in the Rebels evacuation from Yavin, and without them the Alliance's escape may not have been as successful. Without Vors much of Galactic History would not have happened as it did. Voorhorian's team up with the main heroes can be found in the Star Wars Kids comic series. It's a bit silly at times but still a fun read.


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