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Online Adventure Journal #2

Happy July folks!

Thought I'd come back and show off another issue of the elusive Online Adventure Journal but I must admit (to my chagrin) I've been BAMBOOZLED!

As you can read on the next page, this is a Journal created by FANS without consent of Lucasfilm and not WOTC. (which was my first assumption)

I apologize for the oversight and now and on the search to how these ended up in my hands. I don't recall surfing through RPG forums back in the day for something not associated with Lucasfilm but here I have them all the same.

There's no denying the effort that went into them is impressive but still I must clarify that these are strictly fan works. I've decided to go ahead and post the rest of them this month anyway, because I still find them interesting all the same.

As before, the artwork is lack luster but this final page I found interesting. Breaking down statistics in pie charts they show were most Force Users are located, military might and territory breakdowns that I found extremely interesting.

I really wish someone had done more of this for the EU sourcebooks. Would've been fascinating to see what they'd come up with.

I'll be back with more articles next time!



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