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  • Dylan Kling

Preorder date for Republic Trooper figure announced

[This article is part of a series of articles about the Hasbro #StarWarsVoteFromTheVault fanpoll. Click here for the previous article in the series, and here for the next article in the series]

Today Hasbro held a Father's Day livestream where they announced many things regarding many of their popular toy lines. The one that I want to focus on however is the announcement on the Republic Trooper which won the recent fan poll that I had been covering two months ago.

(Note they have stated this is not the final packaging)

They reiterated that it will be available in Spring of next year, which we already know from when they announced it as the winner of the Fan Poll. It will have a removable helmet, bandolier, ammo cartridge, knife and comes with multiple weapons.

However the bigger news is that this will be a Hasbro Pulse and Shop Disney exclusive, with pre orders starting tomorrow 6/10 at 1pm EST.

Given the history of these fan poll figures being difficult to find in the wild, and going for very high prices on the secondary market, I would highly recommend that if you want to get this figure that you pre order it. As a more recent example the 4 Legends figures that were a part of the Black Series Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary line all went on pre order on the 19th of May and are all sold out on the Hasbro Pulse website. Though you can still get them at the Disney website and a few other online retailers at the time of writing this.

So If you voted for the Republic Trooper and want to make sure you get your copy make sure to pre order at either Hasbro Pulse and Shop Disney at 1pm EST on the 10th of June, because otherwise you may end up not being able to find it in stores and hunting it down at scalper prices next year.


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