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Reasons to go to Legends Con (Part 1)

Earlier this year, after speaking to those involved, I was somewhat doubtful if this con was even going to happen at all.

Happily, I can say now that doesn't appear to be the case, as they've added several guests and provided more information since then.

It still won't be for everyone. Travel and ticket expenses are still high for many people, for those who are near the area, this con may be worth your time and I'll tell you why.

The Guests.

There's a lot of rare guests appearances I haven't seen at cons before.

Randy Stratley ran Dark Horse during the heyday of the EU. Crimson Empire being his crowning achievement, I'd love to have him sign my comics and tell me why Dark Horse largely ignored working in tangent with the books during the NJO.

Matthew Stover is another author I'd love to add to my collection of signed novels. He's written a lot of excellent stories and appears to be a decent guy to speak with. My question for him would be to confirm or deny the rumor that he would write Star Wars "fan fiction" for a price. It's a claim I've heard several people heard him make but have yet to see any proof of it myself.

Corinna Bechko was a name that almost made me fall out of my chair when I heard it. She had impossible shoes to fill in her follow up series to Ostrander's excellent "Legacy" story but she was doing a great job and may have pulled off an fantastic story if it'd not been for the buyout. #1 question for her is "What was the secret connection to Han Solo that was teased early in the series which never came into fruition?" I've been dying to know.

Sean Stewart. Not only would I love his autograph, but I'd love to tell him how much I enjoyed his novel. Honestly, one of the BEST book ever to come out of the Clone Wars era. I have no idea why he wasn't invited back but would love to ask him what other stories he'd had liked to have written for the EU at the time.

I'm a true Barbara Hambly fan and have been since the beginning. Getting her autograph while telling her I was a SOLID Luke/Callista fan would be a "bucket list" for me. No questions for her, I'd only heap praise on trying to push a relationship on Luke that the fans largely rejected yet I was all for. This may be the #1 guest I hate I'll be missing out on at the Con.

Abel G Pena was someone I suspected would be coming to the Con. And if you don't know him, please get to if you're going to the Con this year. He's a fantastic person who I think will be a fan favorite at the con this year. My only question is what else he has unwritten in the EU. I think he's given it all away at this point but you never know...

I'll be back tomorrow with a few more reasons for you to attend.

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1 Comment

Seth Saunders
Seth Saunders
Aug 23, 2023

I do honestly wish I could go, but time and financial constraints conspire against it, I'm afraid. Maybe if they every do something in Portland, I'll at least be able to swing a day pass, or something.

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