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  • Matt Wilkins

Revenge of the 5th....really?

I don't know when this started. I don't know why it started. And I don't hear anyone talk about it these days but I'm not sure either that it's dead in our fandom today.

But like "May the 4th" this can move along into the realm of oblivion for all I care.

Hi folks! It's me, your favorite Star Wars Holiday killjoy here to talk about another "holiday" that I think is dumb.

Revenge of the 5th had to be started by some college kid in a vain attempt to get nerds to celebrate his witty pun too.

This is the day where we should celebrate the villains of the Dark Side. I guess because they got cheated out of May 4th?!

Not sure what the point was here but someone thought they were witty and did their best to push this unofficial holiday into the fandom.

Thankfully it's faded away over the years because people are more interested in celebrating another holiday they know even less about on May 5th.

But let me stop my incessant griping and ask, do you celebrate this "holiday"? Do you remember when this was a thing? Did you even know such a thing ever existed? (and if "No") Did you wish you'd never heard about this thing in the first place?

Either way, I'll talk to you next time on the Eigth Strikes Back. (joking)


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