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  • Seth Saunders

Seth Saunders Reporting!

As we kick off the final set of matchups for Round One of Cresh Craziness (it’ll totally catch on, just you watch), we have a resounding (but surprisingly not total) victory for one of this scribe’s favorites, James Luceno. Though I respect his opponent, Patricia A. Jackson’s, short story contributions to the EU, this is another in a long line of no-brainers for Round One.

Some solid adventures, including the fantastic closer of The New Jedi Order, Labyrinth of Evil, and Darth karkin’ Plagueis, among others. That is all.

And my bracket further crumbles as K.W. Jeter bows to David West Reynolds. My mistaken belief that The Bounty Hunter Wars would carry Jeter at least into Round Two has been disproven. All bow to the might of Incredible Cross-Sections.

I was honestly wondering if we’d have an upset when it came to L. Neil Smith v M. Shayne Bell. Shows what little I know. Nothing against The Lando Calrissian Adventures, but I wondered if there’d be equal love for Bell’s short stories. Nooope.

Having recently reread The Han Solo Trilogy, I’m glad to see the late A.C. Crispin glide easily into Round Two. While I value George R. Straytons contributions to the RPG world (of course), Crispin was destined to win this matchup, and soundly.

Though I also enjoy Matthew Stover’s other work, I think Traitor and the Revenge of the Sith novelization would make him my pick over Rich Handley and some enjoyable tidbits in the magazines and Adventure Journals. Those two novels are among my favorites in the entire EU, so I’m happy to see him not let anyone pass…yet.

This next one’s actually a tougher call for me than one might think. Not only does Peter M. Schweighofer have a plethora of RPG content on his resume, his sheer body of work is all around impressive. Nevertheless, I do think the right call was made in giving Christie Golden the win. Her short stint in the EU brought us some intriguing novels and short stories in the Legacy era. I’d not have rioted if Schweighofer had pulled an upset, or at least gotten a lot closer in the polls, but this scribe has no shade to throw. Well done, Golden.

No hate for Junior Jedi Knights as fun adventures for kids, but I love me some Crosscurrent and Riptide. Toss Deceived as the blumfruit on top, and this matchup couldn’t have gone any other way.

I would have liked to see Timothy S. O’Brien get at least a sprinkling of votes for his work at West End Games, but…yeah, Aaron Allston did so much for the Expanded Universe, from X-Wing to Enemy Lines, to Legacy of the Force to Fate of the Jedi. He more than earned this win.

And I, for one, am decidedly un-shocked to hear that Ysanne Isard is taking responsibility for this new, viral outbreak. I’m no conspiracy nut, but I guarantee she was working behind the scenes to get the Alpha Red pathogen manufactured. Wake up, Banthentients!

You all be safe out there, and may the Force be with us all!



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