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Seth Saunders Reporting...again!

Aaand we’re on to Round Two results for Mid and Outer Rim!

This first matchup is rather relevant for this scribe, as I’ve just been going back through some great Expanded Universe oldies in Tales From the Mos Eisley Cantina, where Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta have back-to-back entries. As always, it’s easy to see how they complement and build off each other…but, yes, as far as overall contributions to the EU, I agree with the outcome. Though, I’d perhaps like to have seen some more votes thrown Moesta’s way.

Next we have a bit of an upset, to this scribe, in the Brian Daley v Steve Perry matchup going to seeming to favor The Han Solo Adventures over Shadows of the Empire, the authors’ respective main entries. Though it was close, this scribe does wonder if this is simply a factor of Solo being front and center in one and absent in the other. Maybe some saw this as Han v Dash? Even after Shadow Games, there do appear to be some detractors for Mr. Rendar…

Ultimately, I again side with the majority when it comes to Jude Watson v John Whitman, though the divide was larger than I expected. Some still harbor great affection for Galaxy of Fear, but it seems that Watson’s staggering amount and quality of contributions carry her to a decisive victory.

I am glad to see Alan Dean Foster garnering some votes against Michael Stackpole (gotta respect where you came from), but the fans have, again, made the right decision, in this scribe’s opinion. Stackpole’s impressive entries by no means cast shame on Foster’s, however. One can argue that we have none of what’s come since in the EU without Foster’s early work, and I’m always up for revisiting Splinter of the Mind’s Eye.

On to the Outer Rim, we have another decisive victory by James Luceno over David West Reynolds. It seems Reynolds’ impressive diagrams and other solid work couldn’t match up against Agents of Chaos (clearly a jest, but I do love those books, too). No powerhouse novels about Sith Lords with lofty goals could have played into things here. Not at all…

Now, I love me some wacky Lando Calrissian adventures, and I’m glad to see at least a few people feel the same way. But I’m also glad that A.C. Crispin takes the win against L. Neil Smith. Not only did Crispin execute the monumental task of tying so many threads together, but you can tell she loved doing her homework. Having recently reread The Han Solo Trilogy, I’m glad to see the author move on to the Sweet 16 of this tournament. Again, though, thanks for the Mindharps, Smith!

While this scribe enjoyed Shatterpoint and Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor, I was surprised to see that the more widespread love for Revenge of the Sith and Traitor carried him to such a decisive victory over Christie Golden and her decent entries in Fate of the Jedi. Not complaining. I just wish we’d gotten more of both of these authors.

And, yes, Mr. EUSN Wilkins, some of us really like Paul S. Kemp’s contributions to the EU.

This scribe may have even voted for him…though largely because he expected Aaron Allston to carry through the win, as he has. Deceived, Crosscurrent, and Riptide are some favorites of mine, but absolutely no shade should be thrown at the man who gave us some fantastic X-Wing entries, Enemy Lines, and, of course, basically a third of the Legacy era in Legacy of the Force and Fate of the Jedi. Respect all around, and a deserved win to Allston.

But now’s when Cresh Craziness (totally catching on) really heats up, gang! We’ve thinned the herd to a quarter of its original size, and only big names of the EU remain. Continue to be safe out there, and may the Force be with us all!

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