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  • Spencer Crilly

Spotlight on: Sora Bulq

My analysis and spotlight on Sora Bulq will be drawn primarily from the Star Wars Republic series by Dark Horse Comics. Other sources include The New Essential Chronology and the New Essential Guide to Alien Species.

Sora Bulq was born into the Bulq family, a wealthy Weequay merchant clan which owned most of Ruul, a moon of the Weequay homeworld, Sriluur, and on which they had their estate. Bulq spent time on both Sriluur and Ruul before being taken in by the Jedi Order as an infant after having been identified as Force-sensitive. Bulq was contemplative and philosophically inclined, preferring long meditation before deciding on any course of action. Grand Master Yoda recalled Bulq as always having been emotionally balanced and strong in the Force, even from a young age. Due to his rejection of the Quay religion, Bulq was not well-loved on Sriluur and his people took no pride in his accomplishments.

Bulq quickly rose through the ranks of the Jedi with his deep skill with the lightsaber, ultimately becoming a Jedi Master. Bulq developed skill and mastered all forms of lightsaber combat. However, his preferred style was Jar’Kai dual blade fencing, often utilizing a standard lightsaber along with a lightsaber shoto. Bulq would become a lightsaber instructor at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Bulq's skills caused Mace Windu to choose him as his partner in developing and refining Vaapad, Windu's dangerous yet deadly perfection of the unfinished Juyo form. Bulq frequently sparred with Windu, testing and finessing Windu's new form; Bulq was one of a very few to truly know the form. What Windu did not realize was that Vaapad's dependence on enjoying battle and walking on the edge of darkness was having a profound effect on Bulq, who had even before that time harbored a secret fascination with the dark side of the Force. Bulq, enamored with the form, began his own private explorations of Vaapad, growing even more attracted to the dark. This caused Bulq to slowly come under the nfluence of the dark side of the Force.

Bulq was entrusted with the retraining of Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos in lightsaber combat after he lost his memory. Bulq introduced Vos to some elements of Vaapad despite the form's darkness-skirting nature and Vos's own struggle with the dark side, which he was being retrained to overcome. Bulq did not tell Vos of the elements' origin.

In 22 B.B.Y., Obi-Wan Kenobi was captured by Separatist forces o the planet Geonosis. Kenobi had been tracking an assassin, Jango Fett, whom had attempted to murder Senator Padme Amidala. While captive, he learned from their leader, Count Dooku, secretly the Sith Lord Darth Tyranus, that the Republic was in the control of a Sith Lord named Darth Sidious. He also learned that Dooku was building an army to confront the Republic. Kenobi was able to get a signal to the Republic prior to his captivity.

Along with Mace Windu, Bulq was one of the 200 Jedi sent to Geonosis to rescue Kenobi. Bulq, along with the other Jedi fought their way out of the arena with the help of Yoda and the newly created Clone Army.

Bulq never returned from the battle and the Jedi Order assumed he had died. However, that was not to be the case, as Bulq and fellow Jedi survivor, Master Tholme, tracked Dooku to his base on Bakura. After being beaten by Dooku in combat, he was convinced that the Republic should be ruled by the Jedi, the democracy he fought for was too far gone and corrupt. Dooku also encouraged Bulq in his anger and encouraged him to use it as a strength and not as a weakness. Bulq returned with Tholme to the Jedi Council, reporting he had simply escaped Dooku’s capture. He then disappeared into seclusion.

Windu was sent to the Bulq estate on Ruul. What he did not know was that the entire series of developments was a plot by Dooku. Dooku's Dark Jedi assassin Asajj Ventress was waiting there for the summit's dissident Jedi; it was Dooku and Bulq's intention for Ventress to assassinate one or more of the dissident Jedi and escape, and to then lay the blame for the incident on Windu. They hoped to capitalize on Windu's reputation as a hardliner to make the attack credible, as well as establishing that the assassin must have come aboard Windu's ship. With that accomplished, the Jedi's credibility would plummet and a great many more might defect to Bulq's splinter faction.

Windu arrived and spoke with Bulq, who greeted him and told him, in answer to Windu's questions, that he had disappeared after Geonosis because of his grief at that battle's slaughter and his questioning as to whether the corrupt Republic was worthy of that sacrifice. Bulq also told him that he had not yet decided on what side he would ultimately come down. Bulq left to gather the other negotiators, though K'Kruhk and Jeisel found their way to Windu before Bulq could find them. When they had all gathered, Bulq convened the summit. After the others discussed, his opinion was asked, and Bulq came out against the Republic, though uncertain of his final decision. He swiftly adjourned the meeting, as it was growing late, and sent the others to sleep or meditate.

Windu deduced that Bulq was the one behind the scenes. Bulq revealed his new dark side allegiance to Windu and the two entered a duel.

The duel ended with Windu as the victor, though Bulq escaped. Bulq returned to Dooku's side, where he became one of Dooku's most trusted subordinates. As his top lieutenant, Bulq commanded Dooku's Dark Acolytes—Dooku's personal Dark Jedi followers, such as Ventress, Tol Skorr and Kadrian Sey. As one of the most prominent Jedi defectors, both within Dooku's circle and within the Order, Bulq's name, once honored within the Jedi Order, became synonymous with betrayal. Bulq was among those Dark Jedi most frequently cited as examples of corruption striking the Jedi, even their best.

In the final year of the Clone Wars, Bulq oversaw a plot to train a clone army of Morgukal warriors. Bulq and Dooku deceived a thought dead Morgukal, Bok. This was found out by the Jedi Quinlan Vos, who had returned to the Republic. This led to a confrontation with Vos and Bulq. Vos revealed that he believed Bulq was the second Sith Lord, though Dooku and Bulq knew of this and still tried to corrupt Vos, though they failed. This conflict also included the death of Master Opo Rancisis, a Jedi Council member.

Vos and his former padawan, Ayla Secura, to slip into Bulq’s location. Bulq prepared for a confrontation, trying to turn Vos to the dark side permanently. It was in this duel that Bulq would finally die at Vos’ blade. Bulq’s legacy was diminished over the years. His notes were acquired by Luke Skywalker’s New Jedi Order, however Bulq was remembered as a traitor to the Jedi.


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