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  • Dylan Kling

Star Wars day discounts cause Heart of the Jedi to fall to the second best selling Star Wars book

Five days after we discovered the previously cancelled Star Wars novel Heart of the Jedi was on Amazon it is still miraculously up. I've been looking into the best seller rankings and archiving them on the Wayback Machine since Friday to track how well it is doing.

Yesterday I mentioned a that I had noticed the fact that Light of the Jedi, the first book in the High Republic series, had its Kindle version discounted at 90% which had caused it to rise to 6th in the science fiction adventure rankings. Well a few hours after I posted that Heart of the Jedi dropped from 4th to 6th, while Light of the Jedi went to 4th.

So after a day at the top Heart of the Jedi is now only the second best selling Star Wars book on Amazon. Though it has actually held on to this quite well.

Despite dropping to 6th it has at least held off the rest of the Science Fiction Adventure list for 6th place for over 12 hours at this point. The overall numbers however do show a downward trend.

After peaking at 26th on the best selling books list it has gradually fallen to 60th, which is still enough to show up on the top 100 list. I figured there would eventually be a drop off as everyone who heard about the book got their copies. Some people are of course buying additional copies while they can, but Sunday and Monday saw the most people talking about this and that traffic has tailed off. This to me says that just about everyone who would want a copy has seen it and gotten theirs. You can see in the google trends.

But bear in mind that it has yet to drop off the lists entirely. It is slowly declining meaning sales numbers aren't increasing but they also haven't fallen off completely, other books may be outselling it now, dropping its overall ranking but it is still selling enough to stay on the list, and hold its place among the other Star Wars books.

The graph for the estimated hourly sales shows this best. While the sales numbers per hour are dropping they are still way above what it was doing before it shot up on the list. I have been informed however that the TCK publishing calculator I had been using does tend to over estimate the numbers by a factor of one third so I've accounted for this in my estimates of the final numbers, and applied that to previous estimates I've made as well. With this modifier I estimate the total sales to be at nearly 1600, with under 600 of that coming in yesterday.

One last thing I found a video that showed the page for the Amazon listing several hours before I started keeping track. Just to show how far this has come, I've included an image that has those numbers to the left, the peak numbers in the middle and the current numbers on the right.

In conclusion, I think the sales numbers and rankings for Heart of the Jedi have hit their peak. But the fall is far slower than I expected and it is still holding out on multiple of the Amazon top 100 lists. Time will tell how much longer it lasts, both on these lists and on Amazon. But as always I'll keep you all updated on what I see.

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05 de mai. de 2021

The casual fandom is all they care about as customers or we'd have got new Legends years ago, prior to Marvel 108. And Legends CANNOT be made for the casual fandom. That said, competing with Light of the Jedi for a while. But we're not a giant market, apparently, no sir! And of course we can never put a dent in the sheer crush of normies who go see the movies and TV shows, but at the same time, in our little corner of the lake, we make a giant splash. This proves that. Quite an impressive feat for our end of the pool.

06 de mai. de 2021
Respondendo a

I mean the EU can be made accesable for more casual fans, I think that was the reason book sales dropped in 2011-2013 because it was kind of hard to get into with new relaeses without having read previous stuff


Michael Lynch
Michael Lynch
05 de mai. de 2021

I've boosted some posts on and even today, people are still discovering the book and showing interest.

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