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Lost EU Story: Star Wars Lightsider

In February, we lost legendary EU contributor and pathfinder, Tom Veitch, perhaps best known to Star Wars fans for his iconic comic series "Dark Empire" and "Tales of the Jedi"; stories in my Top 10 Star Wars comics ever published.

A lot of fans know that he also wrote a story about the events that happened in-between Dark Empire I and II. While the story was read and approved by George Lucas, it was done so without a prior contract and subsequently canceled. This led to an unfortunate series of events that ended with Veitch cutting ties with Lucasfilm, and a shortened run for his already planned "Empire's End" comic.

Artist Dave Dorman was involved with the project and has spoken about it many times in the past with fans. It's become something of a "legend" among hardcore EU fans as well and also something they never thought they'd read.

Confession time.

I have the story.

In fact, the picture you're looking at above is it. And for years I (along with several others over time) have been sworn to secrecy never to reveal it until after his passing. Fun fact, if you look in all my old videos at the bookshelf to the right of me, it's sitting longways on the second shelf and has been since Day 1 of my EU reviews.

I'm sorry for the deception, but I wanted to respect Mr. Veitch's wishes until his passing but now I can talk about it openly.

In short, it's a solid story of how Luke brought Kam into the light side by playing the dangerous game of Lightsider against him and winning.

So when will you get to read it? Soon (if not already by the time of this post) I've written this shortly after his passing and post-dated it several months following his passing out of respect. The story (and other confessions from fans) may have already come out by now, But if I'm the first, I assure you I won't be the last and you'll be enjoying yet another unpublished EU story in the near future.

Mr. Veitch was a great man and his memory will live on with one more story that hasn't seen the "light" of day in decades.

I hope Tom's Force Ghost is smiling.

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