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Supernatural Encounters Prep: Ewoks Cartoon

This ties in to the other connection I mentioned earlier that Joe has to explain the entire series.

I grew up watching this cartoon and loved it as a kid. It was easily my favorite cartoon when it was running at the time. It inspired me and my brothers to build our very own Ewok village in our backyard. Filled with pine straw and sticks, we built a rather impressive (but I'm sure completely awful) display.

I remember trying to get mom to buy us as many Ewok figures as she could, so that we could fill the village with several people.

We never liked the toys from the cartoon series and preferred the action figures from ROTJ because they looked more lifelike.

The series doesn't hold up today. I will admit, it's silly. But there's a charm to it that I hope my little girls enjoy when I introduce it to them later this year. If they love it, I'll gladly watch with them. If not? I'll disown the lot of them!

Ok.....maybe not.



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