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Supernatural Encounters Prep: The Crystal Star

My good friend Matthew from the Geek's Attic will be happy to know that the great and powerful Waru will be featured in the upcoming novel.

I'm excited for this myself too. Though I wasn't a fan of the book I am interested in how my 2nd time reading through it will turn out. I'm thinking I won't mind it as much the second time. And yes I joke about Waru all the time but I'm truly excited to see what all will be explained from this.

To give a brief "defense" of the novel it's not really the author's fault. She was a decorated Star Trek author that didn't realize the difference between the two franchises and wrote a Star Wars novel in Star Trek form. Hence the straight off beat pacing and nature of the story.

But by all means, buy a 2. I'd love to see this bewilder the folks at Del Rey on how it continues to sell to this day.



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