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Supernatural Encounters Prep: Willow and the Shadow Series

Joe's never ending quest to tie in ALL Lucasfilm projects lead us to a classic (yet forgotten) hit of the 90's along with the absolutely horrendous follow up from Chris Claremont.

This trilogy it so bad that I'm under the impression Claremont had written it with the intention of it being its own saga but after being approached by Lucasfilm decided to make some quick edits to fit it into the world of Willow.

Hot garbage. I tried selling these second hand but no one would take them. I eventually THREW them away. Making them the only 3 books I've ever had to do that to because NO ONE wanted them.

I realize this is a series that suggests books you should read to prep for Supernatural Encounters, but I'm going to buck the trend and encourage you to avoid these novels at all cost.



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