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  • Brian Borg

Support the Old Republic!

Greetings! Today I wanted to put our focus again on Star Wars: The Old Republic, a massive multiplayer online PC video game set in the original Expanded Universe timeline.

Why, you might ask?

Well, as of this writing, it is the only "living" part of the Expanded Universe left after the events of April 2014. But even that could soon be changing as the original license for the game ends this year. As far as we can tell, the game is profitable and bringing a good sum of money to the likes of Electronic Arts, Lucasfilm and Disney each year, particularly as of late. As a result, it is not likely they wish to see the game shut down any time soon. But we can help ensure that the game remains a living part of the Expanded Universe but spreading the word about this game and it's Expanded Universe connections! You may have seen myself and a few others from Twin Suns Foundation publishing (mostly) weekly videos on our YouTube channel and Facebook page as we play the game. We have been playing through much of the game's original content and having a blast. It is actually Free To Play through much of the game, including everything we have shared on these videos! You too could be experiencing some excellent expanded universe story telling and for free! (I should mention that paying for some game time or setting a subscription certainly makes certain aspects of the game more fun, though, and does help keep the game alive!) If you are interested, visit to find out more and download the game! For those with Steam, the game also released on that platform in 2020 and saw a surge in player base as a result. You can find it on the steam shop as you would any other game on the platform!

Finally, if you are interested in joining myself and others from Twin Suns Foudation, we have a "guild" in the game on both the Republic and Empire sides. We are mostly casual, though we are looking to start tackling more of the game's grouped content in the future, particularly if we grow! Feel free to join us over on the Star Forge server! If you need an invite, you can also contact Twin Suns Foundation over at our Discord server or by messing our social media pages! Legends Discord:



Thank you!

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