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The 3 Fallacies of Fan Fiction

Let's face it. Fan fiction, for the most part, sucks.

I've tried what some fans considered the "best" and I've even read the worst. For example, I started a chapter called "The Secret Lesson" supposedly taking place during the Jedi Apprentice era with Qui Gon and Obi Wan.

As I started the first chapter it read pretty well....until Qui Gon asked Obi Wan to disrobe and the "Secret Lesson" took place.

I stopped right there, flagged the site and never returned again.

Even the much loved handofthrawn45 doesn't deliver the way I hoped he would. In fact, after reading his Sword of the Jedi trilogy last month, I came up for the idea of this article in the first place.

What are the most common mistakes I see made in fan fiction today? Mind you, this is subjective, but I'll give them to you now.

1) Playing the "What If?" game

A LOT of fan fiction is about alternate universes of different characters staying alive and what their lives would've been afterwards. Especially if they had a love interest. It's so tiresome to see the same stories of Padme being alive and talking to Darth Vader, Luke or Leia. Or Mara Jade surviving the battle against Darth Cadeus. It's all unbelievable and pretty pointless in my opinion.

2) Writing in first person

You know what's written in the first person style that's really good? The classics. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Dracula, Frankenstein, etc.

You know what's written in first person and sucks?

Fan fiction.

Over the years I've lost count of how many stories that recount the "thoughts" of a character in Star Wars during an epic moment. Some examples I've seen:

"Padme's thoughts while traveling to Mustafar"

"Luke Skywalker's thoughts after the death of Mara Jade"

"Kyp Durron's thoughts while pinching a loaf off in the refresher"

Ok, that last one is made up. But to be honest, I'd probably read that one if it were made. As long as his thoughts are angry ones. "I'll kill every lost &%^#@@ Givin in that restaurant for giving me the runs!!!!"

Holy crow....I think I need to write this now.

I digress.

First person (to me) is a lazy way to write since it feels more like an entry in a 15 year old's diary than a story with an actual plot.

Not for me.

3) Bringing Characters back to life

And this is where handofthrawn45 missed the mark big time for me. Bringing back characters who are dead and gone, reeks of armature writing to me.

I get it. You're upset they got killed so you brought back Anakin Solo using the "forceflow" theory. Or Mara Jade, using cloning technology and allowing her spirit to enter the body. Or Chewbacca, by having Han bury him in the Pet Cemetery one night and....oh wait...that's Stephen King.

But I wouldn't put it past someone to write that.

Now I understand some folks won't agree with me on these points. This is strictly my thoughts on the matter and I'm fine to here your points too.

But keep in mind, if you put them in first person I'll most likely delete the comment.

May the Force be with the fresher.

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