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The Crystal Star Shines On!

Over 25 years after it's release, Vonda N McIntryre's masterpiece "The Crystal Star" is back in the limelight thanks to Del Rey.

It was recently discovered by a few eagle-eyed EU fans that new paperback copies were in fact a misprint of another book!

That's right! Thru some fluke, Del Rey accidentally included a completely different novel by James Clemens called "Wit'ch Fire," which is Book One of their "Banned and the Banished" series.

When reaching out to a representative at Del Rey their response was "Well, we thought wrapping it in the cover of one of the Expanded Universe's most proudest moments would increase sales. However, we now realize our mistake and are currently offering 100% refunds to any of the disappointed fans who were expecting the epic tales or Waru and Ghostlings.

But Del Rey's "mistake" has not gone unnoticed by EU Fans. Since the news of a Crystal Star "misprint" circulated, the hunt is on to find this rare novel before it disappears from sales.

"It's by far the most exciting thing to happen in the EU since the revised Clone Wars timeline in the early 2000's" claimed EU Superfan Evan Von Ludwig. "The demand for this novel could well reach $1000."

Mr. Ludwig has dedicated his next two paychecks to finding the misprint. "I currently have orders for the novel from every local and online distributor I can think of!" He claims he'll check Ebay later but only as a last resource. "I'm afraid the price might skyrocket to the price of getting a 1st printing of the original book," he said. "That's going to be an expensive purchase if it turns out to be the case, but no price will be too high to see another glorious copy of this book in my hands."

Other EU fans agree and have also started their quest in finding the misprinted novel. It appears Del Rey's "mistake" may lead to more book sales then they imagined. "It's definitely created a "Wonka golden ticket" scenario that no one in the back office could've predicted." said an anonymous Del Rey employee. "We wish everyone searching for the book good luck but it won't be on shelves much longer."

The good news for EU fans is that the classic tale of Luke's encounter with a star that makes the Force feel weird will still be available to all fans regardless.

"Even if I don't find it, I still am guaranteed to receive massive amounts of the actual Crystal Star novel, so it feels like a win-win to me." Says EU superfan Evan Von Ludwig.

And Amen to that folks! Here's to The Crystal Star receiving a special 30th-anniversary edition in the next 4 years! "After an increase of sales in the novel recently we haven't ruled that out," Del Rey representative told us.

Man....we can only dream it will one day be true!

Editor's Note: This article may not be 100% true in facts but is 100% authentic in good spirit and well wishes to everyone currently trying to track down a misprinted copy that was recently announced by Del Rey as a slip-up.



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