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The Mattberry

I'm not making this up. I first heard about this berry when reading West End Game's Galaxy Guide for Return of the Jedi.

Not sure how it got its name, but I imagine the guy's name was Matt and thought it'd be fun. Of course I could be way off on that but all the same I remember this being a berry you could find on Endor that the Ewoks made juice and even brewed for drink.

This was mentioned in several other sourcebooks like Kevin J Anderson's Illustrated Star Wars Universe.

Since my mind's always wandering to the moon of Endor, it came across my mind for some reason and I decided to look it up on Wookiepedia. Imagine my surprise to find out this is also in the new "Canon" as well, because why not borrow the idea for a berry on Endor instead of make up your own.

Just found it fun and wanted to share. What a crazy Expanded Universe!


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