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The Old Republic Shows It Is Not Going Away Any Time Soon!

Star Wars the Old Republic turns 10 this year in December and it was announced today that they will be celebrating throughout the next year.

Perhaps the biggest news from today's Twitch livestream is that the celebration will be starting with a bang.

Today the team at BioWare announced a new expansion is coming to The Old Republic. It is titled Legacy of the Sith.

This expansion will be taking players back to the planet Manaan to battle for either the Galactic Republic or the Sith Empire. Players previously visited the planet briefly for a story flashpoint leading up to the Shadow of Revan expansion. Players also currently have the option of owning a player home (stronghold) on the planet. In Legacy of the Sith, players will be working through five additional character levels (bringing the cap to 80), a new story involving recently brought back antagonist Darth Malgus and some very interesting changes that will be detailed further in the coming months!

Of those changes that stuck out to me during BioWare’s Twitch Stream this afternoon were new “combat styles”, User Interface improvements and visual/tech improvements. All of these should help breathe some new life into this nearly decade old MMO!

It also appears the written lore of the Star Wars Expanded Universe will be getting a new Short Story added in on July 12th with indications that more may follow in the months leading up to Legacy of the Sith's release.

The expansion is set to launch in Holiday 2021 and will be free to all subscribers of the game!

Be sure to head over to to check the game out if you haven’t yet and again on the 12th for the new short story! For you existing players, be sure to enter the code LOTSofSWTOR on the website under your account for a free stronghold decoration! Otherwise, stay tuned to for more Expanded Universe news updates!


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