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The perfect cure to "social loneliness"

As the "stay at home" orders continue for most of the people around the world, the problem with being disconnected from society is taking it's toll. In some areas, levels of unrest and resistance are growing due to the effects of social distancing.

But I know what will help you escape. The Expanded Universe. Better than binge watching a show that let's you down in the final season or re-watching movies you thought were good but slowly realize how poorly they've aged, may I suggest reading a book?

During this entire quarantine I've watched only 3 episodes of a TV show. The rest of the time? Reading a book.

In previous videos I've said that reading helps you escape reality and jump into a wonderful world of fiction. The characters of the EU feel like extensions of my family. I feel like I KNOW Jacen and Jaina. I was there when they were born. I was witness to their trials and tribulations as they grew up and followed them into adulthood. They feel (in a way) like family.

So if you're sitting on your couch binging a show or playing a game just for something to do, consider the EU. There's no better time to escape to a galaxy far far away.

Have a good weekend folks!

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1 Comment

Seth Saunders
Seth Saunders
May 02, 2020

Currently working through Tales From the New Republic, which I'd never picked up before. Some good stuff!

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