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  • Spencer Crilly

The Star War LCG: Balance of the Force Expansion

I figured now would be a great time to begin looking at some of the big box expansions this game has to offer. So, let’s start with the first one I ever bought. The Balance of the Force expansion is very unique in comparison to other expansions. This game has rules that allow for a 3 or 4 player scenario.

We’ll start with the 3-4 player game. This is only way to play with more than just two players and the game is 2 unique scenarios.

Jerjerrod's Task is a dark side challenge that pits a single dark side player against a team of either 2 or 3 light side players. The dark side player uses a pre-constructed Jerjerrod's Task (included in the set), and each light side player plays their own constructed decks of whatever factions they choose.

In this scenario, the dark side player uses the dark side dial as normal, but it is only used to reduce the cost of the card. This dial is the new included one in the expansion. Death Star II. The dark side player wins by completing the win condition printed on the Death Star II card and not just the dial alone.

The hunt for Skywalker is a light side challenge that pits a single light side player against a team of either 2 or 3 dark side players. The light side player uses a pre-constructed Hunt for Skywalker (included in the set), and each dark side player plays their own constructed decks of whatever factions they choose.

In the scenario, there are 3 rows of objective cards for the dark side players to "search for Skywalker" and when the "Return to Tatooine" card is revealed, Luke Skywalker comes into play and the dark side wins if Skywalker is destroyed.

There are also multiplayer rules and new cards in this set, however, as all the objective sets are "Limit: 1 per objective deck" There is no reason to get 2 copies of this set.

The objective sets offered here are pretty exciting. Most factions are well represented in this set. This set also introduces two objective sets that that bring Dash Rendar and Mara Jade into the game.

While Mara and Dash are great new additions, they would receive new versions in later expansions that honestly are more worth your time. Mara especially is made stronger and more of an objective set you’d want in your deck in comparison to her appearance here.

Overall, this set does include a lot of things. The downside is that most of the cards can only be used as part of the team 4x4 set, and what you can use in the standard 1v1 play still seems to be intended for team play. I would not recommend this expansion if you wanted cards for normal play.

However, there are two bright spots to this expansion. You find this on Amazon for 4.66 currently. (I’m not joking, that’s 84% percent off!) So, it wouldn’t likely put a hole in your wallet. And the second is you get a new Death Star dial that is much better than the one in the core set. You are free to use this dial in standard play as well and it is always the one I prefer to use when playing this game!



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