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  • Scott Johnson

The Star Wars Customizable Card Game Part 11: The Essentials

By: Scott Johnson

After covering the background and all the expansions from Decipher’s Star Wars CCG, I decided to create a summary overview of what I consider to be the “must have essentials” or the “key takeaways” of the game specifically from the perspective of an EU fan. While I encourage all Star Wars fans to try playing the game itself, since it beautifully captures the feel of the universe and cinematic nature of the franchise to the point where you feel like you are playing out scenarios from the films, I realize card games may not be for everyone. What are some of the most important cards would you want as an EU fan and why? Well, the answer to that depends largely on who your favorite characters are. While some cards from the game feature characters and starships which were originally created by the EU, others feature less prominent background characters that either were given official names from this game or had significant prominence in the EU despite their minor role in the films. Although these lists are not exhaustive, some of the most important in each category are the following:

Key Cards w/ EU-Created Content

Tycho Celchu- Death Star II

Corran Horn-Reflections II

Mirax Terrik- Reflections II

Pulsar Skate-Reflections II

Talon Karrde- Reflections II

Colonel Cracken- Death Star II

Dash Rendar- Reflections II

LE-BO2D9 (Leebo)- Reflections II

Outrider- Reflections II

Z-95 Headhunter- Official Tournament Sealed Deck

Arica- Reflections II

Mara Jade, The Emperor’s Hand- Enhanced Jabba’s Palace

Guri- Reflections II

Prince Xizor- Reflections II

Jodo Kast- Enhanced Jabba’s Palace

Captain Gilad Pellaeon- Reflections II

Grand Admiral Thrawn- Reflections II

Baron Soontir Fel- Death Star II

Major Turr Phennir- Death Star II

Commander Brandei- Dagobah

Dreadnaught-Class Heavy Cruiser- Official Tournament Sealed Deck

Chimaera- Death Star II

Judicator- Death Star II

Accuser- Death Star II

TIE Defender Mark I- Special Edition

Lieutenant Page- Endor

General Walex Blissex- Death Star II

Key Cards w/ Minor film Roles But Notable EU Roles

Depa Billaba- Coruscant

Aurra Sing- Tatooine

Ki-Adi-Mundi- Coruscant

Plo Koon- Coruscant

Passel Argente – Coruscant

Orn Free Taa- Coruscant

Hound’s Tooth- Dagobah (Decipher also made first 3D rendering)

Mist Hunter- Dagobah (Decipher also made first 3D rendering)

IG-2000- Dagobah (Decipher also made first 3D rendering)

Punishing One- Dagobah (Decipher also made first 3D rendering)

Major Bren Derlin- Hoth

Derek 'Hobbie' Klivian- Hoth

Wes Janson- Hoth

General Carlist Rieekan- Hoth

General Crix Madine- Endor

General Dodonna- Premiere

Stalker- Hoth

Feltipern Trevagg- Premiere

Prophetess- Premiere

Tonnika Sisters- Premiere

Momaw Nadon- Premiere

BoShek- Premiere

Mosep- Premiere

Logray- Endor

Teebo- Endor

Key Cards w/ Offical Names Given By Game

Colonel Wullf Yularen- Premiere

Lieutenant Pol Treidum- Premiere

Janus Greejatus- Death Star II

Sim Aloo- Death Star II

Captain Sarkli- Death Star II

Karie Neth- Death Star II

Toryn Farr- Hoth

Tigran Jamiro- Hoth

Captain Lennox- Hoth

Lieutenant Cabbel- Hoth

Tyrant- Hoth

Lieutenant Sheckil- Cloud City

Bane Malar- Jabba’s Palace

Commander Igar-Endor

Admiral Chiraneau- Death Star II

Caldera Righim- Tatooine

Deneb Both- Tatooine

Another aspect of the SWCCG besides of playing the game is autographed cards. Because almost every background extra from the film has their own game card, fans who collect Star Wars autographs often use the SWCCG as an official photo for less prominent actors and actresses from the films to sign. Many of these minor film characters happily sign for free or minimal fee at conventions or if sent a prepaid return envelope to their address. EU fans can get authors such as Michael A. Stackpole to sign Corran Horn cards or Timothy Zahn to sign Talon Karrde cards which they portrayed. Similarly, Steve Perry could sign cards featuring Prince Xizor or Guri which are characters he created or West End Games writers like Bill Slavicsek to sign more obscure cards like General Walex Blissex. Due to the pleathora of character cards available from the Tales short story anthologies such as Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina, Tales from the Bounty Hunters, and Tales from Jabba’s Palace, fans could theoretically have Kevin J. Anderson sign an IG-88 card for his authorship of “Therefore I Am: The Tale of IG-88” or Barbra Hambley could sign a M'iiyoom Onith card or Feltipern Trevagg card due to their appearance in her short story “Nightlily.” The collecting possibilities are endless. Just don’t have Dave Filoni sign a Colonel Wullf Yularen card! He might think he created the character all by himself, oh wait…

This concludes my coverage of the Star Wars Customizable Card Game. Let me know your thoughts on the game, if you have played it, or collect any of the cards as an EU fan. Would you be interested in a deckbuilding profile article for the game? Let me know in the comments below. If there is interest, I may do some in the future. Join me next time as I cover the next major Star Wars card game: Star Wars TCG by Wizards of the Coast. See you soon!

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