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  • Anthony Fornof

The Thrill of the Hunt: My First Star Wars Adventure Star Wars Junior

Hello Everyone! Thrill of the hunt is back!

Do you remember in elementary school when they would have book fairs? I remember my teacher handing out that Scholastic newspaper and taking it home and BEGGING my parents for books. Getting that free poster or free sticker. Today I’m talking about the Scholastic Star Wars Junior series. These were fun little stories that were took place around the events of Phantom Menace. There were twelve books in total, and a couple of them that had original content. Catch that Pit Droid, is about a pit droid that runs from Watto’s shop. Oh No! Gungan Trouble is basically about the Gungan’s having to escape from the Trade Federation. Lack luster quick reads but they are EU! The others just adapted scenes from the movie.

These books can be hard to find. However, as of this writing there are a few on Ebay, but boy are they pricey! If you come across these online be prepare to dish out some hard earned cash! I highly recommend visiting your local used bookstore and scouring those shelves where all the kids books are! Just ignore the weird looks people give an adult frantically searching through kids books. That’s how I found mine and I paid a whopping $2! The Scholastic Star Wars books are becoming harder and harder to find.

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