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  • Maxine Morrell

The Tragedy of Abeloth

Fate of the Jedi introduced us to an intriguing villain in the form of Abeloth but is she really as

bad as the likes of Palpatine and other dark beings of the universe?

Long ago, Abeloth was once a mortal woman who wound up among The Ones, over time she

became known as the Mother to the Son and Daughter and became a wife to the Father. Where

the Son and Daughter represented Dark and Light respectively, the Father represented Balance

and the mortal woman we would know later on as Abeloth, represented Love. Eventually the

Mother would grow old and weak while her immortal family thrived, as the story goes eventually

Abeloth trespassed where she should not have, dealing with things she could not understand and

became the immortal force entity known as Abeloth and ended up imprisoned by her once loving


Over the millenia, Abeloth stewed in her misery alone, locked away until war spread in the

galaxy. While Abeloth is a villain and has caused so much suffering in the galaxy, I think she is

misunderstood by many. Before her evil conquests, she merely wished for love and company and

has been abandoned so many times by people whom she thought loved her. In the Fate of the

Jedi novels, Abeloth’s force presence is described as lonely and needy, through the books, we

understand that she doesn’t want to be alone and she wants someone to think she’s beautiful.

For an immortal, very Lovecraftian entity, she is incredibly human and relatable. Many of our

goals in real life are to find companionship and to find people who love you regardless of flaws.

This is a fantastic instance of the Expanded Universe having amazingly complex and sometimes

even relatable villains and not the generic type of villains we have seen in much of the new era

Star Wars content. To round this off, I highly encourage everyone to read the Fate of the Jedi

book series and introduce yourself to Abeloth and experience the fantastic story those books tell.



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