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Top 5 EU Artist: #3 Jan Duursema

Good gravy this girl can draw! And I love everything she did in the EU!

Usually teaming up with the legendary Jon Ostrander, these two created MAGIC and were the perfect pairing in comic collaborations!

I was always impressed how solid her artwork was from issue to issue. The consistent quality is incredible.

I could literally make TONS of pictures of her art. There isn't a single thing she didn't do well! Her art (and Ostrander's story) turned me into a Legacy fan. And even though Dawn of the Jedi was a "fail" (in my opinion) her artwork inside each issue made the series bearable. It was ultimately the story which was the letdown.

Unless you've been living under a rock you know what I'm talking about when it comes to Jan. I know she still draws for the New Canon and eve though I don't read it, I have no doubt she's still knocking it out of the park!



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