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  • Jason Dietzel

Touring the Galaxy: Arkanis Sector

Foroon Worlds (R-16)

· Star/Sun: three unnamed stars/suns

· Orbits:

o A-Foroon

o B-Foroon

o C-Foroon

The Foroon Worlds were three close systems that were used by the Hutts as throneworlds. A-Foroon was a windy world of rugged mountains and crags; B-Foroon was primarily landscaped by murky swamps, while C-Foroon was a forested world that became a main hub for the Hutts’ criminal activities.

Andooweel System (R-16)

· Star/Sun: unnamed

· Orbits:

o Andooweel

Discovered as early as 20,000 BBY by Republic explorers, Andooweel became an industrial world, suffering from unsuccessful mining and other operations on the planet. During the Galactic Civil War, Andooweel came under Imperial rule, who conscripted the impoverished population into military service as payment for crimes.

Arkanis System (R-17)

· Star/Sun: unnamed

· Orbits:

o Arkanis

Originally colonized by Republic settlers circa 4,200 BBY, Arkanis was ruled by the Arkanis Regency after losing contact with the Republic. Roughly seven hundred years later, during the Galactic War between the Republic and reconstituted Sith Empire, Arkanis became a hotspot of conflict between the two embattled governments after it was discovered the Exchange was arming mercenaries on the planet.

Austan System (R-16)

· Star/Sun: Austan

· Orbits: none

Having no planetary orbits, the system contained the Austan Asteroid Cluster that housed multiple mining operations, becoming the site of a battle between Republic and Separatist forces during the Clone Wars.

Cirus System (R-16)

· Star/Sun: unnamed

· Orbits:

o Cirus II

A rocky world, Cirus II was primarily occupied by crystal mining operations.

Cranan System (R-16)

· Star/Sun: unnamed

· Orbits:

o Cranan 12

A lucrative mining world, Cranan 12 came under Separatist control during the Clone Wars, due to the Mining Guild’s connection to the CIS. Following the war, Cranan 12 fell under Imperial rule.

Faj System (R-17)

· Star/Sun: unnamed

· Orbits:

o Najiba

Homeworld of the primate humanoid Najib species, Najiba was a maritime world of saturated wetlands and rainforests. Discovered by Republic explorers a few centuries before its collapse, Najiba joined the Republic despite

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