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  • Jason Dietzel

Touring the Galaxy: Halla Sector

Ardroxia System (R-9)

·        Sun/Star: unnamed

·        Orbits:

o   Ardroxia

Ardroxia was a remote system considered part of the Kashyyyk Region. The system saw little galactic traffic.   


Boz Pity System (R-9)

·        Sun/Star: Cama Coll

·        Orbits:

o   Bruss

o   Boz Pity & Mourn

o   Pine

o   Nyss

o   Kith asteroid belt

Only the planets Boz Pity and Mourn were habitable planets, with Bruss, Pine, and Nyss being volcanic, barren, and frozen worlds respectively. Locked into a synchronous orbit with Boz Pity, Mourn had ties with the Hutt Cartels early in its history.


Originally the homeworld of the Gargantelle species before they were exterminated around 10,900 BBY by the Hutts for resisting enslavement. The planet was a minor world situated along two regional hyperlane routes, teeming with life in the swamplands, marshy plains, jungle-covered mountain ranges, and deserts that draped the planet.


Following the genocide of the Gargantelle, the planet remained isolated from galactic interest until the Clone Wars, when the Separatists occupied the planet as a major fortress in the region. Towards the end of the war, the Republic momentarily held the planet, but withdrew when their governance was replaced by the Galactic Empire.


In 0 ABY, the Rebel Alliance briefly  established a base on the planet but were driven from the world by Imperial forces during the Galactic Civil War. Boz Pity remained an Imperial outpost until the Yuuzhan Vong War when the planet was overrun by the extragalactic species. Afterward, the planet returned to isolation in galactic affairs.


Cejansij System (R-9)

·        Sun/Star: unnamed

·        Orbits:

o   Cejansij

Homeworld of a species by the same name, Cejansij was a Republic world until the aftermath of the Clone Wars, when it came under Imperial rule, eventually joining the New Republic later in the Galactic Civil War.


Celen System (R-9)

·        Sun/Star: unnamed

·        Orbits:

o   Celen

Celen was a remote world that came under nominal Imperial jurisdiction during the Galactic Civil War.


Colavas System (S-9)

·        Sun/Star: Colavas

·        Orbits:

o   The Belk (asteroid field)

o   Danuta

§  one unnamed moon/satellite

o   Colavas

§  16 unnamed moons/satellites

o   Colavas Minor

§  8 unnamed moons/satellites

o   Colavas Tertiary

§  9 unnamed moons/satellites

o   Sajun

§  one unnamed moon/satellite

A drab world of stretches of badlands, plains, and hills, Danuta was originally settled by Hutts, but by the time of the Galactic Civil War, the planet had been repurposed by the Empire for mining and agriculture. The planet housed an Imperial military installation, but eventually abandoned the base after a Rebel strike. Later in the war, Danuta joined the New Republic.


The remaining planets in the system were uninhabited, with the three Colavas planets being gas giants and Sajun being a frozen, barren world.


Hathrox System (R-10)

·        Sun/Star: unnamed

·        Orbits:

o   Hathrox III

A remote planet urbanized during the era of the New Sith Wars, Hathrox III was a neutral world that underwent a devastating civil war in 1,196 BBY, resulting in the complete eradication of its population by biochemical weapons. Centuries later, during the Galactic Civil War, the New Republic quarantined the planet after it was discovered the atmosphere was still extremely hazardous to life.


Nativum System (R-9)

·        Sun/Star: unnamed

·        Orbits:

o   Nativum

Nativum was a remote planet that came under Republic jurisdiction during the Clone Wars.


Omiddelon System (S-9)

·        Sun/Star: unnamed

·        Orbits:

o   Omiddelon III

A remote world, Omiddelon III’s unique orbital and rotational orbits made its environment nearly unsuitable for life, having blistering summers, frigid winters, and short, mild fall and spring seasons.


Ord Thabl System (R-9)

·        Sun/Star: unnamed

·        Orbits:

o   Ord Thabl

Ord Thabl was a Republic ordinance depot dating back to at least 12,000 BBY during the Third Pius Dea Crusade with the Hutt Cartels. The planet remained a minor Republic outpost through the Clone Wars.


Peg Shar System (R-8)

·        Sun/Star: unnamed

·        Orbits:

o   Peg Shar I

Situated along a regional hyperlane route, Peg Shar I was a minor, industrialized planet that was a member of the Republic in its waning centuries.


Saffa System (R-8)

·        Sun/Star: unnamed

·        Orbits:

o   Saffa

Homeworld of a sentient species by the same name, Saffa was a remote world that saw little galactic traffic.


Saari Ha System (R-9)

·        Sun/Star: Saari Ha

·        Orbits:

o   Bimmisaari

Homeworld of the furred Bimm humanoid species, and sector capital, Bimmisaari was a lush world of dense forests and jungles, fertile plains, and sprawling urban centers. Discovered by Republic scouts as early as 20,000 BBY, the planet didn’t petition to join the Galactic Republic until the onset of the New Sith Wars, circa 2,000 BBY.


Bimmisaari was temporarily occupied by Separatist forces during the Clone Wars but was eventually incorporated into the restructured Galactic Empire following the war. Crafting ties with Jedi & Republic refugees, and the nearby Hutts, Bimmisaari later petitioned to join the New Republic towards the end of the Galactic Civil War.


They system was momentarily occupied by Yuuzhan Vong forces during their invasion of the galaxy, but the Bimms eventually rejoined the Galactic Alliance; however, Bimmisaari seceded during the Second Galactic Civil War, joining the Corellian Confederation, upon hearing about the Galactic Alliance attack on Kashyyyk.


Vadooria System (S-9)

·        Sun/Star: unnamed

·        Orbits:

o   Vadooria

Vadooria was a remote system that saw little galactic traffic.


Xoman System (S-9)

·        Sun/Star: unnamed

·        Orbits:

o   Xoman III

Xoman III was a remote world under the sway of pirate groups, thus remaining neutral in galactic affairs.


Pusat Station (R-8)

Pusat Station was a space station in the Bortele Cluster that acted as a waypoint along a regional hyperlane route.



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