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  • Jason Dietzel

Touring the Galaxy: Perkell Sector

Aargonar System (Q-7)

· Sun/Star: unnamed

· Orbits:

o Aargonar

§ at least two other unnamed moons/satellites (presumably Aargonar 1 & 2)

§ Aargonar 3

Originally an oceanic world before it became an arid desert world by the era of the Old Sith Wars, Aargonar was under control of Darth Revan’s Sith Empire during the Jedi Civil War, circa 3,959 BBY. Following the conflict, the system remained neutral until it came under the jurisdiction of the Separatists during the Clone Wars in 22 BBY.

During the Galactic Civil War, the Rebel Alliance held a base on the desert moon Aargonor 3, but it was destroyed by Imperial forces in 0 ABY. During the subsequent Yuuzhan Vong War, the planet came under control of the extragalactic invaders, but ultimately became part of Darth Krayt’s Sith Empire by 137 ABY.

Daminia System (Q-7)

· Sun/Star: unnamed

· Orbits:

o Daminia

Daminia was a remote desert world with small crystal mining operations. Its unique Damind crystals were used in the construction of Sith lightsabers.

Diorda System (Q-7)

· Sun/Star: unnamed

· Orbits:

o Diorda

Diorda was a remote world that contained a secret Seperatist weapons factory during the Clone Wars. It was eventually destroyed by Jedi saboteurs during the later years of the conflict.

Gromas System (Q-7)

· Sun/Star: Gromas

· Orbits:

o Gromas

§ Gromas 16

§ 31 unnamed moons/satellites (presumably Gromas 1-15, 17-32)

o Gromas Belt (asteroid belt)

A remote desert moon orbiting a gas giant, Gromas 16 and the other moons in the system, became a significant source of phrikite ore. The moon was occupied by Separatist forces during the Clone Wars, and in 2 BBY it was an Imperial mining facility for the development of the Dark Trooper project; however, after Rebel agents destroyed the facilities, independent mining cooperatives reopened the mines, becoming a major industry in the sector.

Maarka System (Q-7)

· Sun/Star: unnamed

· Orbits:

o Maarka

o unnamed asteroid field

Maarka was a remote world that housed a Republic base and was the site of a skirmish during the Clone Wars.

Mooga System (Q-7)

· Sun/Star: unnamed

· Orbits:

o Mooga

Homeworld of the humanoid Moogan species, Mooga was a minor world that came under Separatist control during the Clone Wars. Following the war, the system returned to neutrality.

Tabiid System (Q-7)

· Sun/Star: unnamed

· Orbits:

o Tabiid

Tabiid was a remote world utilized as a base for the Jedi-aligned Antarian Rangers during the Galactic Civil War.

Thodia System (Q-7)

· Sun/Star: unnamed

· Orbits:

o Thodia

Homeworld of the Thodian species, Thodia was a minor world in the sector that saw little galactic traffic.

Trancret System (Q-7)

· Sun/Star: unnamed

· Orbits:

o Trancret

Capital of the Perkell Sector, Trancret was a major financial hub for the sector, coming under Imperial control during the Galactic Civil War.



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