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  • Jason Dietzel

Touring the Galaxy: Spinward Sector

Felin System (M-2)

· Sun/Star: Felin

· Orbits: none

Felin was an empty system at the edges of known space that saw little galactic traffic.

Ord Janon System (N-2)

· Sun/Star: unnamed

· Orbits:

o Ord Janon

Ord Janon was a remote world that served as a Republic ordinance outpost dating back to 12,000 BBY. During the Clone Wars, the planet was occupied by Separatist forces. Following the war, the planet remained neutral, until it was conquered by the Yuuzhan Vong in 25 ABY, during their initial invasion of the galaxy.

Puloorn System (M-3)

· Sun/Star: unnamed

· Orbits:

o Puloorn

A cold, snow-covered world, Puloorn was a remote world that housed a Sith temple from one of the early Sith empires. During the Galactic Civil War, Emperor Palpatine dispatched a team to investigate the ruins.

Xo System (N-2)

· Sun/Star: unnamed

· Orbits:

o Xo

Homworld of the skeletal humanoid Zanibar species, Xo was a reddish terrestrial world landscaped with vast jungles and towering mountain ranges. Originally a remote outpost in the Rakatan’s Infinite Empire, the planet remained neutral once the empire collapsed circa 25,200 BBY.



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