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  • Jason Dietzel

Touring the Galaxy: Vensori Sector

Beauchen System (P-8)

· Sun/Star: unnamed

· Orbits:

o Beauchen

Beauchen was a remote world that held a New Republic penal colony during the Galactic Civil War.

Katarr System (O-8)

· Sun/Star: unnamed

· Orbits:

o Katarr

A lush world of vast oceans and mountainous continents, Katarr was a minor Republic world and a Miraluka colony world until the Jedi Civil War, when it was conquered by Darth Revan’s Sith Empire, circa 3,958 BBY. Following the war in 3,952 BBY, during the First Jedi Purge, all life was destroyed, and the planet rendered uninhabitable after the Sith Lord Darth Nihilus used a rare Force power to feed off the planet’s life force. The planet remained a dead world millennia later, never being resettled.

Vensor System (P-8)

· Sun/Star: unnamed

· Orbits:

o Vensor

Vensor was a remote system with a small shipyard that constructed luxury yachts. During the Galactic Civil War, the local hyperlanes connecting the system to the rest of the region were patrolled by Imperial vessels.



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