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  • Brian Borg

Twin Suns Foundation 2020 update

Greetings everyone!

My name is Brian Borg and I am the current President of Twin Suns Foundation, a nonprofit organization that focuses primarily on bringing the love of reading to kids around the world! We accomplish this by donating Star Wars books at places such as libraries, schools and children's hospitals! 

Today I wanted to update you all on Twin Suns Foundation and where we are at now as well as where we are headed in the rest of 2020!  

2019 was a great year for Twin Suns thanks to all of our supporters, volunteers and partners!  We managed to bring our overall total of Star Wars books donated since our founding to over 1,600!  In addition, we made an appearance at Star Wars Celebration Chicago and, perhaps even more amazingly, we managed to raise over $5,500.00 in October and November which went towards a new pair of billboard messages to be erected in 2020.

Impressive job everyone!

So with all of that behind us, how is 2020 looking?  In short, busy!  We started out the year running with three new Ryn Network donations at our Arizona location thanks to some generous donors! 

Our 2020 budget calls for the first Twin Suns Foundation book drive fundraiser of the year to start up in the next few weeks as well!  This fundraiser will be a big one, perhaps larger in scope than any previous book drive we have run. Of course, its success will depend on the help of fans like yourself! Keep your eyes open for the chance to help us spread the word!

At the beginning of April, we will be anxiously awaiting the installation of our two billboard messages in San Francisco. These messages have the focus of politely requesting the official continuation of the original Star Wars Expanded Universe timeline (Legends) and will go up less than a half-mile from Lucasfilm's Headquarters. Back in 2016, a similar message was installed with a lot of media coverage. We are expecting this time around to be no different in that regard!

In the early part of summer we will likely be seeing the results of our first fundraiser this year come to fruition.  While I would love to share more details on this, it will have to wait a few more weeks while we keep working behind the scenes!

Around that same time of summer, the organization will likely be heading down one of two paths. The path we go down will depend heavily on some big news we are expecting in February or March of this year and will determine what the latter part of the summer looks like.  Either path will bring with it more opportunities to donate books, however!  

Finally, at the end of 2020, we are expecting a couple more donation events to occur, the fundraiser for these events will likely happen in mid to early Fall. We have not yet

determined where these donation events might happen, but we do have some ideas and will announce those as we draw closer to the end of the year!

And with that, we have reached the limits of what I can reveal at this time.  While we do know a bit more about what I have presented here, you will have to wait and watch Twin Suns Foundation on social media and our website,, for more news! Of course, we will be sure to send the biggest snippets of news we learn of to our friends here at as well!

Until then, we are looking forward to 2020 with all of you!  Thank you all and may the Force be with you!


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