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  • Brian Borg

Twin Suns Foundation 2024 Update!

Greetings everyone!

It has been a bit since I have taken the time to write an update on Twin Suns Foundation, so I figured with the new year now would be the right time!

To begin with, let us take a look at 2023.  Twin Suns Foundation has gotten back into its stride.  We donated books to multiple locations this year including our first international donations occurring in October and November in Toronto Canada at two children’s hospitals!

The books were quite well received there!

With those donations, we surpassed 1,800 books donated since the Foundation started in 2016!

Also in 2023, Twin Suns Foundation made an appearance at LegendsCon, hosting a table on the show floor and holding two panels explaining our activities to interested attendees. The convention was an amazing experience and we are all but certain we will be attending any future LegendsCons. During this convention, we were able to collect even more books than we did at our first convention appearance at Star Wars Celebration. An impressive feat when you consider the convention went for half as many days and for shorter time periods both days! 

You Star Wars Expanded Universe fans certainly are not shy about sharing your love and we could not be any more pleased!

However, 2024 will be a different year entirely for Twin Suns Foundation.  As you may already be aware, Twin Suns Foundation is setting its biggest book fundraising goal ever as we look to commemorate the ten year anniversary of Death Star Day, the day Disney and Lucasfilm announced their discontinuation of the Expanded Universe.  Twin Suns will be doing so by going above and beyond with the help of fans all across the globe. We are planning ten donation events throughout the year to be held at many of our prior donation locations as well as several new ones! For reference, Twin Suns typically aims to complete at least two donation events each year. By aiming even higher than usual in 2024, we aim to continue to bring awareness to the cause of the Expanded Universe Movement while also spreading even more love for the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

Precise details on all of these locations is to be determined, but we know we will be bringing books back to Toronto, Phoenix, LA, and likely a location or two in the states of Florida and Texas.

Be sure to check out our social media and website for more information on this fundraiser as it may very well be live by the time you are reading this and, of course, feel free to donate and share as you are able! All donations made on our website are considered tax deductible in the United States as Twin Suns Foundation is a 501 c(3) tax exempt entity!

Also happening through 2024, Twin Suns will be shouting out fellow fans and their efforts to commemorate the ten year anniversary of Death Star Day. As a part of a much larger community, we will do all we can to ensure the fandom at large does not forget that us Expanded Universe fans are still out here, waiting for the Star Wars we know and love to have an official continuation!

And with that, you should have a good idea as to what Twin Suns has in the works for 2024! We look forward to taking this journey with you all!

Thank you for taking the time to read this update and May the Force Be With You!



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