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What Fall may bring?

I can't help but wonder what books will be reprinted this fall from the "Essentials Collection"

I guess some easy guesses would be the sequels to a few of these books "Dark Force Rising" and "Rule of Two"

While I certainly think both would make sense here's a few more I'd like to see:

One of Luceno's best no doubt but the reason I think it would make a good addition to the collection is because of its strong ties to Episode 1. I think the average Star Wars fan could pick this up and instantly be intrigued.

Obviously with the new TV series coming out by Disney+ I think this would be a no-brainer to add to the collection. Miller does a great job and this book is regarded by EU fans to be one of the best out there anyway, so I think its a good fit.

Not what you were expecting? Hear me out. The fan who's only seen the movies know that Han and Leia got married. Will this story would surely get them interested in the reading an excellent novel by Dave Wolverton, who adds a great adventure mixed with humor to make an enjoyable novel.

Not to mention, this is the introduction to Dathomir witches of whom fans are familiar with thanks to Filoni's Clone Wars TV series.

It's true there are many great suggestions that could be made for reprints, these are just a few I thought of. But I look forward to the official announcement from Del Rey in the months to come.



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