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  • Maxine Morrell

Why Luke Skywalker's Jedi Order was the best version of the Jedi

Throughout the history of the EU, we see the Jedi Order rise and fall on numerous occasions,

from the massacre at Katarr at the hands of Darth Nihilus, the devastating Order 66 at the end of

the clone wars, very nearly by the Yuuzhan Vong and lastly at the massacre on Ossus in the

Legacy era. Many iterations of the Jedi order have come and gone and while many may think

that the Clone Wars era Jedi were at the height of their powers, I would say otherwise. Yes, they

had larger numbers of Jedi active in the field but in terms of their connection to the force, their

skills, their ideology and views of what it means to be a Jedi fall short compared to the Jedi

Order established by Luke Skywalker.

“Not the last of the old Jedi, the first of the new”, this was the last parting line from Ben Kenobi

to Luke upon his transcendence to the netherrealm of the force and Obi wan was right. Upon

Luke’s resurrection of the Jedi order, Luke had scarce knowledge of the tenants and ways of the

old Jedi and thank the force that was the case. Luke thankfully did not carry over the dogmatic

and narrow views of the old Jedi and even stated as much in the Jedi Path book.

So why does this make Luke’s Jedi better than the previous versions? Let's get into that, so the

biggest difference in Luke’s Jedi is the allowance of attachments, to have relationships and to

have a family. Luke believed that attachments simply made one stronger and more determined as

it was his attachment to his father that saved his life and his devotion to his friends that made

him a great Jedi Knight. Jedi of Luke’s order were allowed to have these things to fight for and to

make them stronger.

Another reason Luke’s Jedi are superior lies in how Luke trained his students. Instead of a very

rigid structure, Luke simply taught the basics of the force and how to open oneself to it as well as

the basic tenets of lightsaber combat, after that, Luke allowed his students to explore and

discover the force in their own way. Luke wanted his students to learn how the force felt to them

and how they best connected to it. This allowed Luke’s Jedi to have a stronger connection to the

force and a deeper understanding of it, allowing them to become more powerful and more intune

with the currents of the living force. It should also be noted that Jedi could get further training

under a master such as when Luke personally trained Jacen and Anakin Solo while Mara Jade

trained Jaina.

Additionally, Luke’s Jedi were not only eligible to be Jedi if they were brought in as infants,

people of any age and background could become a Jedi if they so choose. Streen for example

was a rather older fellow but became one of Luke’s very first students. Jedi of Luke’s academy

were also allowed to keep ties to their previous life and still devote time to being something

other than a Jedi, such was the case with Jedi like Corran Horn and Jaina Solo who were both ace

pilots in Rogue Squadron, as well as Jedi Knights. This certainly would have been beneficial for

Anakin Skywalker while he was a Jedi.

Luke’s Jedi also were not required to wear Jedi robes at all times, they could dress however they

felt comfortable and usually wore their robes for ceremonial purposes.

Luke did away with a lot of the pomp and circumstance of the old Jedi to make way for a more

pragmatic and superior version of the Jedi, clear of vanity and dogma and able to focus on

helping the people of the galaxy.

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1 Comment

Angel Santiago
Angel Santiago
May 01

Of course its the best! It was written by awesome writers. Specially when Lucas himself turned the concept into trash with his midiclorox ridden, chosen ped0s.

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