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X-Wing Rogue Squadron unabridged audiobook now available for pre order

With wave one of the Essential Legends Collection released last week Amazon has made wave two available for pre order. This includes the brand new unabridged audiobook for Michael Stackpole's X-wing: Rogue Squadron.

The audiobook will be 14 hours long and will be narrated by Marc Thompson, a veteran of Star Wars audiobooks that did the unabridged audiobooks for the Thrawn Trilogy, Fate of the Jedi and many others. The trade paperbacks of Dark Force Rising, The Last Command, Rule of Two, and X-Wing: Rogue Squadron are also available for pre order with the release date for all of these set at the 7th of September.

Author's note: if you are searching for the X-wing unabridged audiobook at the time of writing this you need to type in the exact title in the image above otherwise the abridged audiobook will most likely be the first result you will find.


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