Fake news before it was cool: the strange tale of SuperShadow

February 15, 2019


Remember SuperShadow? Fans old enough to have been around prior to the prequels (and in the early days of the internet) likely encountered SuperShadow, a Star Wars-themed site that purported to have direct inside access to Lucas and future Star Wars plans. It had (what we came to later learn) were fake Q&A's with Lucas and plot breakdowns for future sequel trilogies, which, again, were later determined to be fake. (I remember one scene, however, that I desperately wished was true, in which, somewhere around a hypothetical Episode 9, every Jedi ever would supposedly appear on screen as force ghosts)


Anyway, it's a little old now, but Thrillist wrote a long piece about the history of the SuperShadow and the man behind it


For those who were there, it's a fun walk down memory lane. For fans who missed out, the piece is a fun glimpse into what Star Wars life was like pre-prequels.

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