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Update: top EU book poll results

A week ago, we posted a front page poll asking readers to pick their favorite Expanded Universe book from the following list:

Star by Star

Wraith Squadron

Shadows of the Empire

Darth Plagueis


Heir to the Empire

The top pick was...

Darth Plagueis, with an even 40%!

Sort of surprising; we thought Heir to the Empire might be the runaway favorite. Every title got votes, showing the range of interest across the EU's eras. Here is the full breakdown:

1) Darth Plagueis: 40%

2) Heir to the Empire: 23.3%

3) Star by Star: 16.17

4) Wraith Squadron: 6.7%

5) Shadows of the Empire: 10%

6) Revan: 3.3%

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